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Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
Was there any change in Houdini's life a year ago that may have caused him to start peeing outside the litter box? Construction? move?
There was plenty of changes when he was a kitten but nothing that initiated this. Same house, same people etc. The only thing was a vacation (2 years ago) that resulted in a house sitter and one angry pee and then one day when left alone all day we got another pee. Then nothing for months then this year of pee started up.

Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
Is there a particular time of day that he pees outside the litterbox. Is there any correspondence to the time he also defecates (ie just defecated in his litter box so he won't go pee in it)?

Is his litter box located close to a noisy appliance? furnace?

Do you have two types of litter boxes (hooded/open)? Is he a big cat and is his litter box big enough for him?
Because of the raw, neither of my cats poop much (once every 2-3 days) and peeing is sporadic (Houdini has always been secretive about it). If I walk into the room while he's doing it he will stop and leave. Since kittenhood, he has rarely ever let me see him going towards the litter. The main litterbox has always been in the basement storage room (for his privacy) and others (without much luck) have been in the main hallway, a never used upstairs bathroom, my old bedroom, and the (also never used) basement bathroom.

Houdini is 10.5lbs and I have 2 large boxes that he can fully turn around in. One covered, one not. One in the storage room (that's never moved) and one in the basement bathroom (since the confinement). Both have WBCL at the moment, but I will probably be taking the advice and grabbing some cat attract for the new one soon. They are in opposite ends of the basement so even if Juno (my other cat) is blocking one, he has direct access to the other.

Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
Are you sure there are no kitty visitors that are coming into your area at night?
Can't be 100% sure but theres only 2 cats I have ever seen wandering the neighbourhood and they almost never enter the backyard. Mine are never allowed out at night (Houdini is black and disappears in the bushes) and I have never seen any during the day.
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