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A week and at my wit's end.

This past week, I have done everything imaginable to try and get things to normal and while he went a few days with no accidents, I found that he peed on about 5 things over night.
I clean the litterbox every day, it has his favourite litter (the only one I've actually seen him use lately, world's best cat litter)
He wanted nothing to do with the cat fountain and wouldn't even go near the food if I placed it near the fountain.
I've mixed some quality canned food with water and he seems to enjoy that
I've been giving him some of that "catmilk" stuff and he's been drinking that too
I know it is possible that there wasn't any inflammation during the ultrasound but he had been peeing daily and had peed on newspapers the night before.
The huge influx of cat-food-flavoured water seems to have diluted his pee a bit (the stuff from last night wasn't as horribly scented as his others) but if the super concentration was what was causing the peeing, shouldn't the dilution have NOT caused him to pee elsewhere?
He wasn't fasted prior to those results and the vet has taken 2 others with nearly identical results, one of which included a fasting level.
All samples had to be obtained by cytocentesis and I know that can cause blood but there was a significant amount each time, seemingly more than the needle would cause.
I have gotten past the BUN and protein levels being high but the blood in urine, neutral pH, and USG are still bothersome. I just can't figure out why his urine would be neutral if he only eats meat (acidic) and his pee is so concentrated.
I'd love to test his urine at home but he tends to only pee on absorbent things he can find (newspapers, towels, clothes etc). And seeing as how this isn't going well, I don't think I have time on my side.
In regards to my other cat, she is younger, smaller, fixed and totally submissive and they get along and play great. He was 6 mos when I got her at 8 weeks and they've grown up together.
There were 2 litterboxes in different levels of the house with 2 kinds of litter (one of which neither used for weeks so I put the litter they prefer (WBCL) in both). That didn't seem to do much but get him to pee in the litter once a week (if that). He never pees or poops when he's outside so it's not confusion about where to go in that sense.
Unfortunately, Houdini is confined with my other cat in the basement now since they reside with my parents while I live away from the home. My parents were excited about the lack of peeing but last nights 5-hitter seems to have pushed them over the edge. They want him gone and I am at my wit's end of cleaning pee and getting nowhere in treatments.
I haven't tried the cat attract and hadn't known it existed. I would try it but again, not sure I have time on my side.
I heard feliway was the greatest gift to cat owners and had such high hopes. I'm still holding out hope that the collar works but not looking good so far. In fact, his ears seem to be bothering him (itching and twitching them) since the collar but it may be unrelated?
Stress has definitely been high since he started peeing on everything but nothing changed in his daily life when this all started. Between shift work and school and daily life, he has never had a structured routine (aside from the time he gets fed which has NEVER changed). Outdoor time, play time and snuggle time have always been changing and he never had an issue until recently. Mostly, the initial pees were if we went on vacation and someone new was watching them (in the house) or if something unexpected came up (family going into the hospital) and they were left alone during the day for more than 6-8 hours.
Again, this is the way it's been since kittenhood and I can't change around school and work schedules.
Going to a holistic vet is impossible right now since I am broke and on a time-crunch.
I will check out those links and will keep trying to do whatever I can to help this but I am at the end of my rope with this. I am confused, stressed and can't think of anything that will help (or anywhere that can take him). Thanks for all the hints, I will keep trying for as long as I can and hope something works. I love this little guy and feel so bad that something's going on that I can't fix.

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