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Originally Posted by michellek186 View Post
Every few days my dog vomits what looks like half digested food. At first I thought he was eating our puppy's food, & it was making him sick (he has a very sensitive stomach). Today it happened again, but I knew it wasn't the puppy food because we're out of town without our puppy. I looked closer at the vomit, & it appears to be these oval-shaped soft pink pellets. There's nothing that looks like these that he could have eaten. He last ate at 10pm & he vomited at 5:30am. He is still eating & drinking normally, & right after he vomited he ran outside & peed & pooped, from what I can tell both are normal for him, no changes there. Should I be concerned about these pink pellet things? Are they just digested food?
Does the dog food have pink pellets in it? If your dog is vomiting up his food a lot he could get vitamin deficiency. I would call your vet and see what they want you to do.
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