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A STROKE of genius

Ok well some of you may never have had a stroke. This woman seems very healthy and luckily many women survive strokes without paralysis. Half of my face kind of fell that morning. I had been to the dentists that day. My sister who was studying to be a doctor doing and internship looked at my face and said you had a stroke. I told her that it was the stuff they used to freeze my teeth that did that to my face. She explained to me that this could not be possible and started explaining very scientific things about anesthesia. The next thing I knew I woke up to have her screaming "stay with me". I did not feel the beauty that this woman felt because I just kept going in and out of consciousness and into convulsions. This woman makes a stroke sound funny.

If you have the patience for how long this story is it does get funny. Seriously does anyone have time for a stroke?
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