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Mysterious urine results - need help!

Hello all, new here and in desperate need of help.

I feed my 2 cats raw meat (protein mixes with bone and organ) and I have enjoyed the health benefits for appx. 4 years. However an issue has come up with one cat that seems to have been narrowed to diet so I've come looking for help. Sorry
for length but it has baffled me.
My male cat (Houdini, 5 y/o neutered) has been having the issues. Houdini has had GI issues since kittenhood and seems to have issues now. I've done prey model and it fixed Houdini's incessant vomiting he had from 8 weeks old to 6 months (every commercial food out there).
I have always followed the 80/10/10 rule and combine chicken, beef, lamb, pork, quail (when I can afford it), fish and egg (both rarely) of various sizes, bones and skin/connectives. I add liver, kidney and stomach (when I can find it) for organs and since Houdini won't eat mice of any kind, he has been on this ratio for years.

For about a year now, Houdini has been peeing on towels once every few months (if left on the floor etc). This seemed to be just preference or vengeance when left alone for too long. However, about 3 months ago, the peeing became more frequent and on clothes, pillows, then a futon and finally, on a bed. Once it picked up in frequency, I did 2 blood and urine tests and since there was no suspected infection (albeit some odd numbers) the vet suggested a full abdo ultrasound.
The most recent blood and urine results are listed below and the ultrasound
ruled out all blockages, kidney issues, IBS, infections etc.
The vet, while supportive of the raw diet, thinks he may be getting too much
protein, therefore concentrating his urine too much and making it painful to
urinate. However, feeding meat I don't think the high protein would be high enough to cause damage. He suggested assesing the diet to see what can be done or else he suggests commercial raw or canned to balance him out and I don't want to do that.

I've come looking for any suggestions as to what would cause the abnormal
results below. I am dreading going back to commercial and the vomiting but if the diet I've been feeding him has caused this, I can't figure out what to do.

I will gladly give more details if necessary but generally I'm hoping for some
positivity and guidance.
The numbers below are the abnormal ones (marked with a *), with important normalones included for reference.

Monocytes normal: 1-4% Houdini: 5%*

Vetscreen (not sure what this test was but that's what it was titled)
Total protein normal: 52-88g/L Houdini: 75
BUN normal: 5.0-12.9mmol/L Houdini: 13.1mmol/L*
Creatinine normal: 53-212umol/L Houdini: 158
BUN/Creat. ratio Houdini: 83*
Sodium normal: 145-158mmol/L Houdini: 153
Potassium normal: 3.4-5.6mmol/L Houdini: 3.5
Na/K ratio normal: 32-41 Houdini: 44*

Color Houdini: dark yellow*
Appearance Houdini: cloudy*
Specific Gravity normal: 1.015-1.060 Houdini: 1.0730*
pH normal: 5.5-6.9 Houdini: 7.0*
Protein normal: neg Houdini: 2+*
Blood normal: neg Houdini: 3+*
WBC normal: 0-3 HPF Houdini: 0-1
RBC normal: 0-3 HPF Houdini: >50

Again, kidneys were normal, no infection, no blockages, no swelling, etc.
although they did say he has either a small, folded gall bladder or 2 gall
bladders (vet said it was unrelated just interesting). The VERY high specific gravity has him baffled as this would rule out kidney issues (as did the ultrasound) so basically looking for someone that has had similar issues to assist. In all, these could just be HIS odd normals and it could be behavioural (kinda scary to think about).

HELP! Thanks in advance,

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