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Originally Posted by honeys-parents View Post
honey is about 3 years old and we've had her since she was a pup. she chooses to run rather then confront or fight. she hasn't a aggressive bone in her body and has never shown aggression towards anybody but she tries her hardest to get away. i have been trying to take her to flee markets and farmers markets to get her around more people and she does alright with that until there is a loud noise or someone walks to close.i have been trying just getting her out there, exposure therapy, i have been using calm assertive energy and also letting her do her thing when she flips out. from the signs I see she does have confidence but is weary of the unknown.
Maybe I need more detail but from this I don't see a problem. There is nothing wrong with running instead of confronting and fighting. Surely you don't want a dog who would fight?

In "tries her hardest to get away" are you talking from another dog? Or from people? I'm confused since that sentence follows immediately after the fighting one which I assume is about other dogs.

Frightened by a loud noise? Again, I don't see anything out of the norm for a sensitive dog. I do think that perhaps flea markets and farmers markets might be too overwhelming for a sensitive animal. Can you start out with smaller groups of people and less noise and activity?

What is she like on a walk around your block? What's she like in her own backyard?

Have you investigated a vison or hearing problem?

For me, I need more detail yet. Sorry, I don't know what YOU mean by calm, assertive energy or "letting her do her thing" means, you let her run away? I'll guess not, but what? What does she do when she flips out and you let her? I'm confused
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