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Originally Posted by honeys-parents View Post
My yellow lab malamute mix was a wonderful accident.she was conceived by a lab breeders lab and malamute wolf mixwho escaped and knocked her personal malamute up. Honey was kept in a Kennel for a couple months before my boyfriends mother got her for him. From the start she was a nervous Nelly but he and I have been really good at showing her that there is no need to fear the world of noises but shes not quite convinced about strangers.through through years shes gotten far much better. Now it only takes a couple of days for her to get semi used to someone. I try cesar millans the dog whispers tricks and techniques and they've helped a lot espesialy with calming her down but shes not all the way better.any advise?
If Honey really does have wolf in her that would explain her fear of people. This is why it's a bad ideal to breed wolves with with dogs. I went to 'Wolf Hollow Sanctuary' and the guy that started the Sanctuary told people when a wolf is bred with a dog the offspring will most likely have a fear of people .This fear is the wolf part of the animal, wolves have a fear of people. I would try to find a real good dog behaviorist and have them work with you and your dog before she attack someone if she that that big a fear of
people. It is NOT the wolf in your dog that could attack someone , it is the dog as they do not have a fear of people.
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