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Originally Posted by Soundy View Post
Well, after we lost Minnie, we decided that it just didn't feel right being back down to three dogs, so we kept a watch out for just the right addition... and found her at the Delta Community Animal Shelter: Taffy is a 12-year-old Maltepoo whose owners weren't able to care for her any more (older couple, wife got sick, husband couldn't look after both of them), and weighing in just under 5lbs., we figured she'd make a perfect addition to the Mini-Mutts.

She's had a rough go lately, changing homes (including a three-week stint of a shelter staffer fostering her) but she's adjusting well to her new pack. Her eyesight and hearing seem to be failing a bit, and her joints are stiffened up, but she still enjoys getting out for a walk and plowing through the tall grass. Her nose sure works great, and I'm contemplating getting her into a bit of nosework to help her gain confidence.
She is really cute and looks like my dog Marty. I think it is so wonderful you adopted Taffy , I don't think there are many people that would do that. Maybe you could hide some treats around the house for Taffy to find, or would that cause a fight with your other dogs?
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