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More interesting facts...

I have already established that there were indeed rabies in Ontario at the time when the brothers of my dog were supposed to have succumb to it.

This article of a later date states that "in Ontario, Canada. Raccoons accounted
for 98% (125/127) of the reported cases with behaviors/conditions including aggression, fighting
with dogs, ataxia, vocalizations, appearance of being sick, and the presence of porcupine...Multiple cases of raccoon rabies occurred at several barns,
suggesting that those structures serve as focal points of rabies transmission as a result of denning..."Journal of Wildlife Diseases, 42(3), 2006, pp. 589–605
# Wildlife Disease Association 2006

The site where I got my dog consisted of dogs outside I am not sure how many of these little dog houses were strewn on the property.

And enclosures attached and giving entrance to the BARN.

I guess you would have to be a pretty unlucky skunk or raccoon to take up residence in this barn.

The breeders were both retired and aging and the place was clean as far as dog feces but was a bit run down like they were a dying business. In the photos we see my dogs mother among other dogs that all are typically Siberian.

These are the photos I was permitted to take and got permission to take.

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