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my young one is my first experience of cat in heat!!! boy oh boy!!! should have named her Helen (after Helen of Troy) with all the boys in the neighbourhood suddenly visiting!!!!! Is driving me a bit nuts BUT BUT BUT I have found this helpful.... she does go outside - but with me as a permanent chaperone - and any WIFF of a boy being there, or her calling them and they turn up, then she gets carted back inside and popped into the garage straight away with lots of windows and light and food and cat litter tray and a car to sit on... and the door closed firmly behind me - so she can still have chit chats to the ones outside but not get to them - after a bit they loose interest and she calms down a bit - I also find if i give her gentle taps with my finger tips where her tail meets her back then she forgets about the toms en route to the garage so is quite happy once she gets there. Doing this has also given me some sanity back!!!! I confess I am LOVING when she is asleep!!!!!! Having her away in the gge also means the old girl CAN be outside when she wants too.

She is only in there for short periods of time so i can have the outside door open for the old puss to be able to come in and out. I am having to save to get her speyed as it is not free here and confess the idea of having her operated on terrifies me.

Getting a bit had it with toms coming inside and spraying! suggestions here would be great - need to have a door open for the old girl to come in and out and as it is too hot over here to keep them closed - but THAT means i have to guard the door and that is stressful and doesnt get anything done that I need to. ALSO they are constantly spraying on the vege garden which is disgusing so ideas there would be great also thanksxx
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