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MissManda - re your 19 year old cat - it may not be in heat - my 19 year old gets very stressed as is starting to go deaf and NEEDS to be bale to find me and be reassured with loads of gently pats and soothing voice as she simply can no longer hear me as well, so she looses me. If i am outside she cant recognise which direction i am calling to her from due to one ear being not working as well - she simply calls for reassurance to KNOW where you are if she cannot see or hear you properly, so she doesnt feel so lost. I now have a box with soft pillow and blanket for the old girl to sleep on in my room and give her gentle pat each time i go past it so she is reassured and as SOON as I hear her call for me I stand where she can see where i am and be reassured she hasnt been abandoned. Very important at this age to pander to them a bit and reassure them that all is well. Esp as she is calling at your bedroom door and NOT rushing out of the house calling would suggest she feels she's lost you somehow and cant find you... rather than being on heat

interestingly she never used to speak at all until a year ago - now then neighbours think i have two boys in the house - with her calling for me from time to time if she cant see me, and the young one having just come into season.... lol
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