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I would just like to post this info and a link because often when we post on threads or make threads about things that date far back we are scolded and told what we are saying is untrue.

I was told that the brothers of my dog died of Rabies in the late 80s. This fact was disputed. My dog came from Ontario and we live in Quebec.

I felt bad when this fact was ridiculed because I had bought that my dogs brothers had died of rabies.

I researched if in those years there were in fact rabies in Ontario. I wanted to share this with you so people are careful to research before accusing.

On this website they do say there were rabies cases in those years.

I guess when news gets old it is forgotten.

Quote from the website;

"Rabid pets: In the late 1980s, almost 200 cases of rabid dogs and cats were reported each year. With the reduction of rabies in wildlife and mandatory pet vaccination, there has been a significant decrease in the numbers of rabid dogs and cats over the past decade. It is law that cats and dogs must be vaccinated against rabies in most parts of Ontario."
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