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Yes, Ragdolls do have blue eyes. These kitties have a beautiful mane and what looks like nice thick legs. Those would be characteristics of a Ragdoll as well as Himalayans and a few other breeds. These cats are not purebreds, but may have some characteristics of some. My first thought when I looked at them is that they had Ragdoll in them too.

Ragdolls are known for their "unaggressive" personality or as cats who don't possess any aggression genes. My Jasper will NOT fight any other cat, and he is the only cat I know that can walk into my foster kitten room with the momma present and not have the momma attack him. It's remarkable.

Himalayans are also not so aggressive, however, they do like to be loners. They also have a very thick undercoat, which Ragdolls don't have.
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