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Originally Posted by tarafernando View Post
Thanks for all yr msg,my baby girl is doing well.Well kinda my husband's baby girl..But he was in shock seeing her like this,I managed to get him to pet her this morning.
So all going well,thanks.
Rang the vet again,and changed app to get blood test and they were like its not going to show much..Not taking her there again..

Guess she wont be going outside now,not after this.
we are building a cat enclosure as sn as possible..

She is not afraid of dogs at all,and wont let ppl carry her anywhere..everyone down our street know her,and kids use to play with her,no one around here would hurt her..
Does anyone know if cats can loss there smelling power??,...Thats the only thing I can think of..Its really windy here these days...hmmm
this cat get a cold or a flu they can lose their sense of smell. I am thinking your cat would have a better sense of smell to make up for being deaf.
My sense of smell is a lot better than most people . but my hearing is horrible! I can really relate to your cat.
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