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The discussion group for pet antics and jokes can be found here: Pet Stories - anecdotes - jokes

However the thread that was posted would not have been funny to anyone on this board. Yes this is an animal forum, where the members take the protection and care of animals very serious, we have seen far too many cases of animal abuse to find a question like that to be anything but offensive.

The manner in which it was posted gave the impression that was you writing and asking that question. There was no lead-in as to who or where this disturbing question had originated other than a short add-on in the title. Many people might miss the last added on sentence of the title as there was no separation between it and the original title.

Posting something that is likely to anger many people such as a topic like that, without adding where/when/who/"I'd like to discuss" or any comment to the original post will only get angry comments directed at the person who posted it as the members can only assume it was that persons' question.

This thread will now be closed please do not re-open another thread pertaining to this matter. If you wish to discuss this further please feel free to send a private message to one of the moderators or admins, this is not a discussion for open forum.
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