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Wink Hmmm me being Offensive to other mebers...

Hi I'm new to this web site,I did't see discussion group for jokes and stuff.
This morning I posted something I came across from a guy...
"killing the cats and feeding them to the family'was on the Yahoo answer board.
when I was looking to help my cat...

I just put it on here to chat about some thing other than what I'm going through..And I took no time to write anything..
The title was "How 2 kill my cats& feed them2 my family.Omg. please tell me this guy is only joking"

So not sure why members have flagged as being offensive...
Did u not read Omg Please tell me this guy is jokin..?
And as u can see I'm logged in as tarafernando..hmmmm Tara,is not a guys name...This is a animal forum and if u didt like it,dont read or make a comment..

Oh and please check out my pic's,my cat is sitting on a dinner