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Originally Posted by Skierrobbie View Post
NRG? Is that the name of the food or is it a shortform for something I should know? Global Pet Foods took back my partial bag and gave me full credit for the bag in exchange for First Mate - a local breeder of Shepherds uses it with great results so I am hopeful!
First Mate "was" a good food. I was actually considering it and even went as far as to go buy a bag. I had done a lot of research on different foods and where they are made, and decided I really liked the looks of it. It showed fish as the first 3 ingredients on the website. When i got to the store, just before I paid for the bag, I decided to look over the ingredients again and it's a good thing I did... the very first ingredient in their food is now potato. They hadn't updated their website with the new food changes they had made.

NRG is the actual name of the food. It's a dehydrated raw food and has only free-range meat, fruits and veggies (plus eggshell for calcium). It's the only dehydrated food that doesn't have any added vitamins/minerals. All the nutrition comes completely from the whole foods, which is important for my guy. He has an auto-immune disease, chronic tummy/gastro issues, EPI and other problems. He's so sensitive to everything and has grand mal seizures, so the more natural for him, the better. The one downside to NRG is the cost. If you buy the biggest box, it's the best value. It's 9 KG and Global orders it for me for $210. Some places charge as much as $240-$270. I have 2 dogs, one weighs 93 lbs, the other weighs 55 lbs. a 9 KG box lasts me for 21 days and is 2/3 of their diet. This is a link if you're interested
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