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i registered with this site solely because of this thread.

i purchased assurity from my vet three days ago and am wishing i had read this thread sooner. i live in the south and even with "top brands" like frontline and advantage the fleas come back within a week, so i sought out a vet thinking the products they sold would be a) more effective and b) SAFE. wrong, wrong wrong!

the fur has matted severely where assurity was applied; one cat has ripped all the fur out at site of application. thankfully her skin does not appear irritated. her behavior is normal. i have cut as much of the matted hair off my other cat (hoping to avoid her scratching it out) as possible, and in me fiddling with it (i keep trying to bend the stalks hoping to make them softer) i have found a white powdery residue floating into the air. this cat's behavior is more lethargic since application, and i am going back to said vet to demand they see her free of charge to make sure her systems are okay as a result of the unsafe, toxic product they sold me.

when i adopted a cat i made a commitment to her health and well being for all of her life, and in using assurity before doing proper research i feel like i have failed. i'm despondent that she is not her usual self, and that this is my fault.

do NOT use assurity. and everyone else, i hope you kitties were okay, and if they weren't i would very much like to know as i am fretting about my own.

thank you.
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