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I'm glad to hear that your cat is getting back towards normal. Situations like this can be very trying at the best of times.

The situation seems to stem from outside the house, and I was wondering if there was something in the environment outside that gave her an extremely bad scare, for example, a dog, another cat, or even someone else. Cats are unlike pack animals, dogs, wolves, humans, and so on. When confronted with a traumatic experience they have only two courses of action, fight or flight, where pack animals will practice, one of three, fight, flight or submit. When the situation of this type occurs quite often the cats, unable to distinguish between friendly animal and enemy consequently, we human companion animals are mistaken as the aggressor and the cat will lash out at us. And especially with her handicap of not being able to hear. This could trigger a real traumatic experience for her even greater than normal.. I have had a similar occurrence with our little Abby. When a neighbour's cat came into her territory. The outcome was three days of her fighting with the other cats in the house and hissing at us when we approached her. It took about three days to come to an end. It's happened a couple of times since, but not as severe.

Something that might be of use to you in the future would be a Thundershirt or something designed similar. I am including a website for you to look at and get some ideas. Knowing cash is tight, I was thinking possibly you or someone you know might be able to make something similar that would work. (I used ours today and during a thunderstorm and it worked great) The next two websites are on clipnosis. This technique of controlling a cat when taking it to the vet will work on a lot of cats. And it's worth knowing if you're having to trim nails or give medicines. I introduced it to the vets here in town and they were skeptics until one day they had a cat that three of them couldn't handle. They tried the technique and were absolutely amazed at how easily they were able to do their examination.

I think barking dog makes a legitimate point. If she's to go out it might be wise for her to be supervised, knowing her condition.
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