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Originally Posted by tarafernando View Post
Last night we let her use the whole house, just now she was crying to be let in,normal for her..went to see her,and gave some wet food.. Now cryin again to get into our room..poor baby..She seems back to her old self again..she has bn doin eye blinks sometimes at us,its alot off blinks,then closin eyes,i thought maybe something wrong wit eyes.. But its a show of effication right?Lets see how the day goes..guess i will cancle app for puttin her down today..was so close,already paid for it,and cried my eyes out too..,just brought her back so my husband can say lucky i did that... Who are we to decide if she lives or dies...
I wonder if an animal tried to attack her and she was traumatized and acting out. I would not let a deaf pet outside on their own. I rescued a cat that was almost eaten alive, half her back was bitten off and the poor cat was traumatized for a long time. She has a good home now and will let her people pet her now.
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