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Originally Posted by cpaull View Post
I have an 8 year old female golden retriever. She is normally healthy, but recently been diagnosed with an ear infection. I have been giving her the drops, but recently the symptoms of the ear infection have come back (head turning, wining and general malaise). I restarted what was left of the drops, but she has been wining to go outside frequently. Normally she is at home while I`m at work and it ok. Now I`m coming home and she`s done her business in the house. She`s going out about 3 times in the evening and then 2-3 times during the night. The stools are loose, they are soft, but formed. We live on the water and she was in the water on the weekend.
Any thoughts..
I was at the vet today and they had a warning posted about Blue Green Algae being the ponds and lakes and to not let your dogs swim in the water. Is there any algae in the water your dog been in? I let my last dog swim in a pond not knowing how bad the water was and my dog got an ear infection from the water. Another dog got a rash on his skin from the same pond. There been more algae in ponds and lakes due to the hot weather we been having. I was told also dogs that have floppy ears get ear infections more often. I think I had some ears drop for my last dog that I put into his ears before he when in the water as he had floppy ears too.
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