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Originally Posted by Reg View Post

I was just looking at Mommy Newt and was wondering if maybe she would be a Bombay cat. It is hard to tell with the photos that are at hand. The Bombay cat is a solid black cat with short black hair no other colors and very shiny. The eyes are yellow to a shiny copper color and are quite distinctive. They are of a sweet disposition and somewhat mellow. I find the cameras do not do justice to cats eyes which doesn't help the matter in trying to identify the cat. I notice she is carrying a white blaze on the chest that means she's not purebred. If I were you I would be doing some further investigating on the Internet. If it is a Bombay cat they have a very pleasant personality and make an excellent indoor cat.

Mommy Newt is a very pleasant looking cat. She looks quite content in the pictures, and she gives the appearance of being knowledgeable. I think she'd make a very pleasant companion animal, and her offspring are really something else, and they're going to be hard to part with when the time comes.

you could be right according to this utube. Bombay cats are part Burmese cat . This utube shows a Bombay cat being walked on a leash , so if the OP cat is one she can train it to take walks using a leash.
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