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Many thanks for the replies..just wish animals could talk.. Yeah any injury takes long to heal. I have booked her in at another vet, only app is this vet will touch her till she is under anesthesia..only my husband is work so money is hard,we will find a way.. trying to keep out of her way at the moment and carryin a water bottle around the house..she now seems to be very scaried and keeps stairing at us and not comin near us,but only for food,very fuss wit food,only dry food.she was not scaried of anythin before,fine wit dogsppl,kids..hates other cats and will stand her ground,but no really fighting..She use to come when we wave at her.. Not anymore.lives inside but goes outside in the backyard for short times during the day..she doest leave our yard.and sometimes runs really fast in da house..very scaried of her now,and harder cos if she attacks us we wont b able to yell and stop her.. Just kills me even to lock her out of our roomand lots of loud meows,she use to voimit if she coundt b in our room...
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