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Originally Posted by Marty11 View Post
NRG is great food!!! As well dry food is only part of my dog's meal. She gets "Weruva" canned and any meats I cook and sardines.
My boys LOVE sardines too. But I have to be so careful with what I give Nookie now. He has struvites and has been struggling with bladder infections and stones since the beginning of the year, poor little guy. Apparently the magnesium in the fish aggravates struvites, so what he's getting in the Salmon Bleu is about all he can take (he gets very little of it).

And yes, I love the NRG! We've been feeding it for almost 3 months now and both Nookie and Montana seem to be doing great on it. Montana is a very picky eater, but he always licks his bowl clean, then helps Nookie clean his

NRG is costly, though. That's the only downside to feeding it.
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