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Hazel, Conner went downhill in a hurry. He went from being an active boy to lethargic, not wanting to eat, and not being able to walk.. all in a very short time, and he's only 3 yrs old. He had been to at least 2 different vets and a chiro who all gave a different diagnosis, from hip dysplasia, to his back being "out" to arthritis. He was on some pretty heavy pain meds and I believe an anti-inflammatory (please correct me if I'm wrong, ConnerMom!), but he wasn't responding to anything. He got to the point that he couldn't stand and had to be hand fed. She thought it was the end for him. She decided to see one of Nookies vets, Dr. Stelfox and she thought at first it may be Lymes because he had a lot of muscle waste and very swollen joints, and everything just happened so fast. She did the test for Lymes and it came back negative, as well as other bloodwork... not sure what all she did. So she put him on Pred and he's starting to respond (I think it's been just a few days ago that he started it). I just spoke with her and asked if she would mind me giving you a little background, and I'm sure ConnerMom will come on and add to or correct any misinformation. Hopefully they can figure out what's wrong and get this gorgeous boy better.

DD, you will fall in LOVE lol... he's one of the best looking Mals, (and well natured) I've had the pleasure of seeing (and hugging!!)

Oh, he goes to the dog park on a regular basis. Lotsa wooded areas and scrub brush, in the Edmonton river valley.
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