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Hi there

I would be very weary of any food made in a Diamond Foods plant. They include Diamond Naturals, Canidae (though they are in the process of getting their own manufacturing plant, I may try it at that point), Natural Balance, Taste of the Wild and several other "high end" brands. They have had several recalls, and most are very recent. I would also avoid Blue Buffalo, for the same reason. Both of mine actually got sick on the health bars that were recalled, and I was unaware until I had fed them.

I also use Addiction, but I feed the Salmon Bleu, which my boys are doing excellent on (I have one with confirmed allergies/food sensitivities and one with suspected allergies), though the dry food is a very small part of what they get. The Honest Kitchen is what I was feeding, and they were doing excellent on it until we learned he could only have beef. In Canada, you can't get the grain-free beef which is called Love, so we started feeding NRG free-range beef. It's grain-free and potato-free. Just fruits, veggies and beef. It's a dehydrated raw and both my boys are doing amazing on it. No more skin issues and no tummy troubles. Good luck!
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