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Alternatives to Acana

I have a 5 month old German Shepherd named Lola. She had been on Medi-Cal large breed puppy food. Countless friends and people on this website have suggested that MediCal isn't a particularly good food so I had started to transition Lola over to Acana's puppy food. I had been doing this slowly and gradually, but the moment I introduced Acana, her stools became softer to the point over the past several days she had serious diarhea. I fed her MediCal last night and again this morning and her stools are suddenly solid again.

I understand that there are a lot of better foods out there than MediCal. Can anybody suggest a good alternative to Acana? My town has both a Global Pet Foods and a PetValu, so I have options. My budget is a bit tight which is why I liked the Acana - GPF was selling it for $60/bag roughly while the Vet was charging $80/bag for the same size. However, I will spring for the right food if it's in the best interests of my Pup.

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