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Thank you so much, he is definitely a sweetie, loves cuddling and laying in laps and loves to run around and play if he's not cuddling. We did print out some papers/posters and drove around to all local businesses and churches in the area asking if people could post them or pass word along and everyone we've been able to has been very kind and helpful. The biggest problem is this area is a lot of farms/farm land so I'm hoping he's not just wandering through the corn fields or something like that. We've all (wife, wife's family, and I) walked and driven all over the area trying to ask people if they've seen him and no luck so far. My wife has also sent emails to all the local vets and shelters asking them to keep their eye out and sent pictures. We're hoping he's found safely and can be reunited with him soon. Unfortunately, we have to leave to go back to NJ tomorrow as we both work and leaving is going to be extremely hard.
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