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Unhappy Help with a needy and aggressive dog

I am looking for some much needed advice on what to do with my dog Chase. He is 6 years old and he is a rescue. I believe he was abused as a puppy and has some traumatic memories. He has always been very clingy to me and I have tried to curb that. Only just recently has it gotten worse. He is very protective of me and very aggressive towards his older brother Zeke. He will just flat out attack him. But only with Zeke, not with other dogs. I am afraid that might change one day though. He is very needy and clingy. Whenever Zeke comes to me for attention, Chase either blocks him or growls at him to get away. I try to stop it but he just keeps doing it. eventually zeke just runs away. He has been hit, kicked, picked up and thrown by other people that get frustrated with him, but I am NOT going to do that. Those people think I do not punish him right and think I am feeding that neediness. I just feel that he has been so abused that he is just looking for loving attention but it has gotten increasingly out of hand with aggression and possession. HELP!
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