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The spectrum test, *without vet markup* is about $180 US$. I paid for the blood draw and sent it in myself, but the vet did have to set up the account and make the calls. She saved me a boatload of $$$ - vet markup usually at least doubles the price. The GP test was about $70 US$, but is more "out there" in terms of scientific basis, though very consistent with my obervations!

Many vets do not believe in the blood test, but do the cratch test. I had a vet year ago ay that he had better luck with his clients using the blood then the scratch, and it certainly has been true in my previou dogs, and now uing them for my current dogs.

Allergies are all about threshhold. I can't eliminate all those, but I can manage the environment to some degree, and the food I can control. So, taking the a bunch of stuff out of the diet, she is already no longer itching. I just challenged her with green beans, and her paws turned all red and she was really chewing them (green bean allergy can be related to peanut allergies).

So, if I can keep the total number of allergy problems under a certain threshhold, I can get her relatively symptom free. If something pushes her over whatever her threshhold is, then we will again see some type of symptom.

I've upped her vitamin C (sodium ascorbate), will add quercitin if needed, but hopefully I caught it early enough that it willl stay a minor annoyance rather than the alternative. Looking for some good antioxidant support for her too.
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