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Originally Posted by kittiesandbirds View Post
Budgies require one half inch bar spacing. The cage they show has more space. I'll keep looking around and reading more about bird cages. I do think that birds with full wings as opposed to clipped have less contact with the cage. My two new girls have clipped wings from the store and are constantly climbing on the bars. I hope their wings grow out soon. Meanwhile I will add more chew toys.
It is going to take some time for their wings to grow back. I just looked it up and one web site said it could up to a year to grow back. I once met a woman that bird was laying eggs and the woman was upset that the eggs where not hatching. I asked if the bird was married and the woman did not know what I meant! I guess no one told the woman about the birds and bees as she did not know she needed a male bird too.
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