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Originally Posted by kittiesandbirds View Post
It says I have zero messages, maybe it will come in later or it's not where I think it is. I'm new at this and a bit slow finding my way around. By the way the guy was suggesting I use something called Baby face to touch up the cage. I have decided that being that I used the best pieces from both cages and I have two chips on the outside of the cage to leave them the way they are for now. I'm trying to order lead testing kits from the company suggested by a consumer guide but for now the company hasn't answered me. I need to find out if my birds will be getting sick from this. They look fine now as they have so many toys and treats and things to chew on. Hopefully the one time bar licking I saw will not repeat itself.
I am new at sending messages too and your message to me is now gone ??
I was able to find some web sites for stainless steel bird cages .

I found the link below but it is not cheap. I suggested looking for eBay or one of those web sites people sell things to see if anyone is selling a stainless steel bird cage . Or you could try putting an ad up and see if you have any luck .
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