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Originally Posted by val jester View Post
Hello everybody! : )

My cat is about 8 years old but he’s only been with me for a year now (his former master died).

At first he didn’t meow all that much, but for the last couple of months he started meowing rather histerically from 8 pm to 11 pm, roughly. He cries on the corridor like he’s being hurt or shut somewhere, except he isn’t, of course. He’ll only shut up if I get up and/or go to the kitchen get something done (bizarrely enough, I know).

Then he also wakes me up during the night, usually from 5 am onwards, to get my attention.

Strangely enough from 11 pm onwards he's usally very quiet. Just now I had to check on him to see if he was breathing, as he was sleeping so silently.

I haven't changed my routines and he's apparently in good health, according to the vet and to the state of this fur, eating habits, etc.

Last time I took him to the vet he recommended I bought «tranquilizer» Feliway; for a while maybe that worked, but not anymore.

I need to rest and also I’m afraid my neighbours will complain.

What’s your advice? I do love my cat but everynight he drives me crazy.

Thank you in advance.
Have you tried letting the cat sleep in your bedroom? Maybe he is lonely at night and miss his last owner.
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