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I guess if cats had thumbs they would be raccoons. Even though they don't have hands they can be pretty smart.

We used to live (a very long time ago) on a farming Island. We had two kittens (brothers) brought to us. As they grew up we were looking for names. They were two very beautiful tabby cats. One grew much faster then the other. My husband started calling them "Tete de con, and Ploy" Which is kind of not nice, it upset me at first. It's like the idiot and the big guy. At first it hurt my feelings but everyone thought it was hilarius so the names stuck.

One day (the day my husband started liking cats) as we were looking out the window we saw trouble headed towards our cats in the form of a huge tom cat that seemed to be very dangerous. He did not seem to notice our cats at first. Our bigger cat Ploy, (both at the time a year old) ran into the long grass. We thought he was a coward. While the smaller more streamlined cat kept walking for about a hundred meters like nothing was wrong towards the giant of cat coming towards him. Like he had not seen the danger.

The driveway is hundreds of meters long so by this time we could not change much. Just as the giant red tabby raced towards "Tete de con", his brother came out of the grass and rushed the cat from the side sending him doing summersaults. The two chased him as far as they could and came back home.
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