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lysine for nasal congestion?

My cat Kitty has an upper respiratory infection. The vet checked her out today and said her lungs are clear and she doesn't have a fever. She is taking Clavamox twice per day for next 7 days. This is second time that she has had a URI. The last one took quite some time to clear up. Her eyes and her nose are runny but her appetite is still good. I have read in a few places that Lysine may help her. Has anyone on here had good results treating URI with Lysine? Is it better to get the lysine that comes in treat form or the powder that goes in the food? I have to give Kitty several pill pockets a day (she takes Pepcid, prednisolone, and amitryptiline daily) she loves them, so I could also do a pill form if such a thing exists.
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