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Originally Posted by Adelina View Post
Message to Lavendar - First I am offended by your remark about stop hitting my dog. I am not abusive and yes discipline is important. I pat his butt to get his attention and then follow Cesars methods. He is house broken, but as I mentioned he does have control issues from excitement. I tend to agree with the other person that he is making a statement. He does not pee on the Chihuahua who does not let him get near him. What I have been doing is keeping him smack against me and he is not allowed to greet or jump or be next to any body. When he has calmed down I let him visit the person but watch him very carefully. I will not let him jump on them, I would pick him up and explain to him and the person why I removed him from his current position. He knows drop it, but leave it he is still having problems with that. I will have to work on that.
Not sure why you are offended - you are the one who stated that you "spanked" your dog. I am telling you that "spanking" or "hitting" or "swatting" your dog - whatever term you wish to use - doesn't teach your dog anything except that you can't be trusted. As for Cesaer, I have heard enough, seen enough and read enough to know that none of his methods would ever be used on a dog of mine. If they work for you - that's great for you.

Sorry, but no matter how you look at it, if your dog is urinating in your house, for any reason beyond illness, then he isn't housebroken. A housebroken dog will NOT urinate in the house.
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