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As long as she is eating she is ok. I would wait a week or 10 days to see how the antibiotics do.
I would be very weary of a Vet that recommends pulling all of her teeth. In fact, I would find another Vet for a second opinion.
I do believe this IS a second opinion.
My own cat twiggy has HORRIBLE teeth even though we brush them daily. She came to us this way. And although rare, according to my recent fact gathering, pulling all of a cat's bad teeth is sometimes necessary.

Twiggy's teeth were so bad and abscessed, that the bloodwork suggested that she had feline aids because her immune system was so compromised.
Physiologically I'm not exactly sure why but i believe the rotten teeth were sending toxins into her bloodstream. She used to sleep MUCH more and now we are sure it was because she was in pain.

She only has 4 teeth left and they 'seem to be healthy'. She was NOT able to have them all extracted at once due to aesthetic risks.

I'm only sharing this to suggest that occasionally, like people, some animals have genetically inferior teeth.

In this case though, If a second opinion from a vet I trusted told me that my cat could not survive extractions...

In this case I would not do the surgery.....and the cat would be on pain meds for life.

Thanks for updating us
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