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As long as she is eating she is ok. I would wait a week or 10 days to see how the antibiotics do.
I would be very weary of a Vet that recommends pulling all of her teeth. In fact, I would find another Vet for a second opinion.

I too have a smallish Maine Coon mix. Smallish for a Maine Coon since he is 10-12 lbs which is normal for a cat but light for a Maine coon. He sometimes stops (or rather reduces his eating) for several days. When this first occurred I had convinced myself that it was his teeth. Vet #1 took his opinion from me and recommended pulling some teeth. Vet#2 wasn't convinced and said to wait a few days. Turned out that he (the cat) was just a little constipated. Maine Coons have a lot of hair and mine gets plugged if I don't help him out by brushing him a lot. Needless to say, Vet#2 is now my #1.

ps. A dab (pencil eraser size) of Vaseline on her paw (she will lick it all off immediately) is a quick home remedy to try once a day for one or two days. Longer than that and its time for real medicine.

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