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Help Puppy Also Peeing On Humans But Worst

My story is close to those described, but worst. He is a Papillon, 9 months old neutered at 6 months. It started perhaps around 8 weeks ago he would pee on his best friend Rocco (Boxer 5yrs old). Rocco is very easy going big baby. I noticed several times Rocco would be lying on the ground suddenly he would jump up and I noticed Hiro (the Pap) peed on him. At first I figured he was showing dominance, and marking Rocco as his. Of course I would scold him and discipline him. One day Rocco was on my bed and it happened again. Now it has progressed to Humans. I was getting ready for bed, hubby already in bed sleeping, took all the dogs out for their last pee/poop run all did their business except for Hiro. We came to bed and then suddenly my husband shouted geesh Hiro in the hallway and he said he peed on his arm, which was over his head. I once again scolded him (spanked) sent him outside brought him back in made him stay in his bed in the bathroom while I showered so I can keep my eye on him. The next incident was my grand daughter was sitting on the couch and Hiro jumped on the couch and then squirted on her I spanked him and put him on the ground and was going to get something to clean her up then he suddenly went to Rocco who was lying on the ground and peed on his leg. The next day my son came over sitting on a chair and he jumped on him and full-blown peed on him. Hiro has always had a problem when he got excited he would pee. We fixed that problem and would ignore him when we come home and would walk him outside and make him do pee before we talk or even pet him. I also noticed he has been squirting in my sewing room when we go in there. There has been no change in his life style, except for being neutered. He was really humping his tiger pillow so I put it away. I need help. I just never know when he is going to do something like this. Another thing I noticed about him is since he was a baby he would always be next to Rocco and put his butt in his face and push it against him when he has something in his mouth (toy). HELP.
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