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The ostrich was very obliging and stood quite close to the fence, making a nice head shot very easy. I'm not sure what the gray and purple bird on the rock is, I wasn't able to find to sign with it's species. The Toronto Zoo has pavilions that are large buildings with a lot of small enclosures inside, lots of plants in between enclosures, and the some bird species allowed to fly or run free. This guy was one of the ones allowed to run free. The wood duck is a Canadian native, and the zoo was the first time I have ever seen one. They have built a large wooded pond with wooden nest boxes and a wooden hut that looks down on it, so you can watch the birds without scaring them. These are truly wild birds and are allowed to leave and return freely, followiing their migration routes. The day I was there there were tons of mallards and one pair of wood ducks, but the female wouldn't come close enough for pictures.
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