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Originally Posted by kittiesandbirds View Post
Yes true this was my thought because my birds seem to have to put their mouth on everything, they taste the toys and the bars. I was supposed to get this cage a long time ago. The box got here and looked like it was dropped down some stairs. I talked to the company which said they would send a new one. I described the box because usually this bird cage is shipped with white cardboard corners which reinforce the box, also there are usually three white straps. This box is identical to the last. It has no reinforcements and only one plastic strap. Last week the company Purolator said they fix the box and redeliver. The company Wayfair denied this charge however look at the tape all over the box.

I keep getting my hopes up. The day of the first delivery I was so happy that my little Loki would finally have her cage. She is in a temporary cage (she is new) and this should have arrived before she got here. Today I was happy expecting my new cage. I really am sad seeing Loki on the same perch day in day out. No room to fly or explore. They seem to have taped up the box I refused and brought it back.
I bet the delivery person threw the box around. This is a big problem with UPS , the delivery people just throw things around and not give a damn what happen to what in the box. can you buy one from a pet store and bring it home yourself? If the cage was made in China it most likely will have lead in the paint.
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