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Originally Posted by minmin12 View Post
Please help, my dog Harley has to eat this brand of food Medi Cal Gastro Intestinal Fibre response, with plain yougurt too. I found that I have been increasing bone dust to his diet and adding more plain yogurt and his stools have remained solid. My question is this food is extremely expensive and I would do anything for my dogs have two. The issue is why this brand could I not just slowly introduce him to another and just keep on giving him the yogurt my poor boy is always so hungry because he is only allowed 1 cup per day so when he eats ( he has always chowed down his food) but being mommy I only want what is best for him any suggestions would greatly be appreciated thank you very much
How much does your dog weight, is he a small dog? Can he have a treat in the middle of the day , I give my small dog a cookie as he only get one cup of food a day too.
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