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Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
Those Lachenalias are easy, they're a South African bulb, a genus including some 90 species, planted in Autumn(Fall). Frost tender but this is why I pot them, you can put them somewhere protected from frost or snow.
I never put seeds into the ground, because I've lost them also, though certainly not to squirrels. LOL. Probably mice. I always put them in punnets and plant the seedlings later instead. So satisfying, and very cheap. You can have a glorious garden for little cost if you use seed.
DD, go for it in the Fall. I can imagine how nice your hubby's geraniums are. I've virtually just started collecting and growing them myself. Very colorful and cheery.
I was told at a garden shop squirrels love poppy seeds ,I wish I knew that before I planted the seeds. We have a lot of ants here and when I tried to grow some tomatoes plants on my deck the ants made an aphids farm out of my plants. I will try to find some Lachenalias bulbs as I think they're real beautiful. I tried spaying red chili mixed with a little dish detergent in water on the ants and it did not help.
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