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Hazel, I am always amazed by how people do manage to groom dogs like Samoyeds, Chow Chows,Poms, Keeshonds etc.. Such a dense coat they have. Better put Malamutes in with them. Shelties' coats are enough for me.

Sorry your friend missed out on getting the Pap', DD. Good things come to those who wait though. They are supposed to be very intelligent little dogs. Our Perkins leant with his head too, and doesn't talk like this make you miss them? All the leaners from the past. What colour was your Standard Poodle, Barkingdog?
Marko, I think I smiled the minute I saw the Chow Chow. My niece, Traci, has a couple of adult Chow Chows - I can see the attraction to the breed.
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