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Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
I totally understand where you're coming from. I personally think industrial agriculture is one of the greatest evils of the modern world (and one reason why I'm vegan). But there are better options ...
Sorry I shortened the quote because I basically wanted you to know who I was responding to. You have been very helpful and I am so glad to have the links you worked to find for me. I really wish I had my own farm. Although I know how to care well for animals as far as keeping things clean and skin disease goes I would have a really hard time killing anything. The city of Quebec is not a good place to find farmer's markets. I know where one is but it's mostly vegetables. I used to live on an island and grew all my own crops. We did have two pet chickens but never killed them. I read that some raw food now goes through a kind of pasteurization process. It's so hard to get most things people talk about on the internet here. About eating chicken from a grocery store I remember someone telling me that he rotates his poisons. It seems that there are so many risks for our families and pets. From plastics in baby bottles, through mercury in fish to antibiotics in our meats and milk. Recently the standards for toxicity are being revised to include foods that cause obesity through certain substances added. Growing our own foods does have many advantages unfortunately I did not want to school my girls on the Island. I do miss that life dearly now though. I bet your cats are healthy. I have the problem where Nikes colon is so stretched out that changing foods now may not completely solve. I won't give up on him because dying from constipation is too cruel a fate. Hopefully the insight on the links will help. Thanks for all your trouble.
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