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Welcome to the Board OneDirection. I hope you are able to resolve your issues with Bo, but it seems if you have not already had him to the vet that should be your first course of action. The vet can probably give him something for the itching, and do a culture to see if the smell is a skin disorder. Your food is not the best to be honest. Iams advertises alot, but is not the best on the market. There is a lot of info in our food threads, and you should give it a read through. Bo's odour and itching could be food allergies. Check the ingredients on the Iams bag - is corn way up there on the list?? Not a good thing. Go to a quality pet food store, and look for a grain free food with natural meat proteins. The more natural foods cost more to purchase, but you don't feed them nearly as much and they last longer than the cheaper brands do. I feed my 70 lb lab a 30 lb bag that lasts two and a half month for $62. Really if Bo is that stinky a vet is in order. Good luck and we'd love to see pics of your boy!
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