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I like your attitude .

I make homemade raw and it's really not that difficult if you buy a whole chickens, then you don't have to weigh the bones, add some liver and chicken giblets (kidneys & heart), some raw egg yolks, iodized salt and throw it through a grinder, put into daily bags, throw into the freezer and voila, an hours work for a month worth of food.

If you use only very fresh meat, freeze the food and only thaw it in the fridge and use within 24 hours of it being thawed you probably won't have a bacteria problem.

Cat's digestive systems are meant to eat raw meat, not cooked. Many of their essential vitamins are destroyed by heat, so they only way they can get them in their natural form is through raw meat. Their digestive fluids are more acidic than humans, making it an offensive environment for bacteria growth. Plus, their digestive tracts are so short the food from mouth to anus should be less than 12 hours. Did you know that cats have one of the shortest digestive tracts when compared to body length.

Another interesting fact is that cats don't have amylase to break down carbs into usable form, so any energy or protein from plant matter is pretty much useless to cats. Meat protein is the easiest to extract essential amino acids so that is why cats don't need long digestive tracts, unlike herbivores.

In all the years that I've been feeding my cat's raw, I've had almost no stomach upset and the only time that I get any now is if hubby gives Jasper too many kibble treats . If I had more confidence in my recipe, I would feed them only raw.

Another solution is to buy additives to raw meat, so you don't have to worry about adding bones/liver/giblets/salt/yolks. You can add it to ground beef/chicken/turkey, but you need to know that the meat is freshly ground that day to avoid bacteria growth that can occur in it.
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