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Originally Posted by marko View Post
Welcome to the forum!

Your post was well written and you'll find our members to be very smart and very generous with advice.

This forum, like many others does have hot threads...but generally they work out OK.

Hope you enjoy your stay and would love to see some pix!
I put up some pix I will take more soon. Thank you

Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
Adding my welcome to the pile!

Would love to see some pics of your critters. What kind of birds do you have? When I was a kid, my mom had an amazing African Grey parrot that was learning to talk, and we also had a pair of Peach-faced Love Birds. Wish I could have birds again, but right now I have 5 cats so it won't be anytime soon.
I have 6 budgies and my project these days is my bird room. I would love to have an African Grey or some Conures. I have some pictures up.

Originally Posted by Dog Dancer View Post
Welcome to the board! Sorry for the late reply, weekends and summer in general it gets slower on the board....

As the others have said, we love pics! I like your attitude, it's very important to always have an open mind and not get easily offended. You're right, we don't always all agree on any one thing. Take from it what works for you and let the rest go.
So true. I can tell you that having had a stroke it is easy to be misunderstood. One phrase and people can camp you in a role you had no intention to be in. The debate about indoor outdoor cats is one such debate. Having treated my cats for mange when they first came in my life over 11 years ago I never let them out. I did take them out on a leash and know many people who do. Thinking out loud can be dangerous. Someone tells you there is a cat reaking havoc in his yard and you say "why do people let them out". Suddenly you are perceived as being on one side of a polarized argument when in reality you haven't given it much thought. I know of at least one person who's cat was poisoned and ran into a cat that was dead in my drive way last year. Suddenly one comment has other people calling me cruel for keeping them indoors. That is why I mentioned that I liked the way it was treated (the subject) on this forum. When people perceive malicious intent they react by trying to sting back when they really have no idea of the person behind some benign comment. People project on to others intent were there was none.

Originally Posted by ownedbycats View Post
Yes, weekends are a bad time for new posts, especially in the summer. Everyone comes back on Monday and catches up, so a belated WELCOME!
I hope your experience on is much better than the one you had on the other forums.
I really love the fact that there are articles that kind of guide or help by stating the facts. I find this forum more professional because of the articles on
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