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After reading info on the link provided I am sure that I need to do something about their diet. Since my oldest cat Nike developed super colin he has really loved eating chicken. He did not have this interest before. I have been giving him chicken whenever I prepare some for the family. I see there are recipes for making cat food on the link. I'm a bit tired right now but will try to read it over tomorrow. I am pretty sure that I can start by changing one meal for a while and see how it goes. Nike has been hospitalized twice with his super colon so I have to be very careful with him. He has to take the lactulose each day and also another tube that worries me because it has Vaseline in it. I always wondered about this stuff. I like that he is running around and looking healthy and we had to listen to the vet because we had no idea how to save him. He did not have surgery but had enemas when hospitalized. Phoebes problem was not as severe because her colon is still normal size.
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