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Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
Kibble or canned?

I would say your biggest problem is her diet. Change to a high quality, human grade meat and you will find a world of difference in your cat. Check the ingredients in the food you are feeding and ask yourself should a CARNIVORE be eating this?

Here is a great link:

My favourite food is Nature's Variety, Instinct canned,

Weruva, Wellness grain free, GO! are all good foods also.

Cholesterol in cats can be high after they eat and an accurate blood reading for it should be done after a fast.
She had just eaten before going to the vet. I had to bring the food to the sofa but she did eat. I am glad you told me about the higher reading because it was apparently just a touch too high. I will look into those foods. I started giving her a can of tuna each day. I too thought it may have been a problem that there are not so many animal proteins in their food. Here it's hard to get things because I'm not in the States. I had to order all my bird cages online for instance. I have to find places that can tell me what all the extra charges are going to be in advance. I will ask my vet if she carries these foods but I did not see them. Where I live when I ask my pet shop about stuff they are not very helpful. They basically tell you to buy what's in stock.

Originally Posted by Loki Love View Post
Our Mr Miyagi had an issue with constipation a couple years back (or so). We've had really good success with feeding only canned food (Natural Balance Duck and Green Pea - he doesn't seem to tolerate any others). He's also on 5 mg of cisapride per day (it just helps keep things moving along). The vet has suggested we try and wean him off of it, but given we have two cats, it's sometimes difficult to tell who is doing what in the box There is no harm in having it, so we'll just keep on it
I'm having the same problem because I have three cats. I will look into all the foods and see if anyone sells them around here. Do you think I could cook for my cat if not. I want to buy a food processor because Phoebe does like tuna but only if I break it up really small with a fork. She doesn't eat enough for it to make a difference so I need to find some way of getting her to eat healthier. I'll look into the foods.

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